Paul Yunnie a former Vice Chairman of the Heritage Group informed the Group that Haden Engineering pty Australia wished to display in their offices in Sydney, an item of heating equipment manufactured by the old firm G N Haden & Sons Ltd when the company was based in Trowbridge Wiltshire.

So Paul Yunnie asked if the Heritage Group could find an item of historical equipment that would be suitable.

After much searching a
redundant G N Haden
cast iron warm air stove
front plate was found in
the Parish Church of
St Faith’s at Overbury

Research carried out at
the Wiltshire Record Office
checking through the original
order books in the Haden
Archive found the stove to
be Number 4448 – size 2
ordered on the 21st May 1879.

The front plate was removed from the church on the 25th July 2007 to start on its long journey
around the globe to Australia.

Arriving in London it was then carefully packed and crated ready for its onward journey
by air shipment from Heathrow airport, to its new home in Sydney.

The stove front plate is now safely settled in Australia having received TLC ready for its new home in
Haden’s Sydney offices. The official unveiling ceremony of the front plate took place on 6th December,
where it now
stands on display complete with the original stoking tools, resplendent in its new pride
of place position.

JULY  2012