The Radiant Lodge

During the years 1919 - 1921 a sub-committee of members of the Institution met to discuss the formation of a Masonic Lodge for members of the organisation. This culminated in the formation of the "Radiant Lodge No.4200" in 1921.
The sub-committee of IHVE which formed the Lodge consisted of the Institution's President, W.W.Nobbs, together with Past Presidents Herbert Grundy (President 1915) and Edgar Herring (President 1917) and members J.L.Musgrave (became President in 1927), J.B.Duncan, Colin Farnie, and R.Reid.
The Radiant Lodge was opened in London at the Café Royal by Sir Philip Colville Smith, CVO, MA. The Lodge met at the Café Royal for many years, but moved to Freemasons' Hall in Holborn in 1935.
Early entrants into the Lodge included John Watson (President of IHVE in 1923), Percival Brankston Grenville (President of IHVE in 1924), Richard Crittall (President of IHVE in 1939), and John William Cooling (President of IHVE in 1932). Cooling was the youngest ever President of the Institution. Other early members included IHVE members such as George Rees, and Herbert Cathcart.