IHVE Members 1899

Who were these original members ?
It would be of great historical interest to find out who were these original members and what was their interest in H&V. What were their previous careers and how did they progress from 1899 onwards.

Apart from the members who later became Presidents of the Institution the Heritage Group would like to hear from anyone who can provide information on the other original 1899 members.

Some members history is already partly known and is given below,

Harry Blackman who later joined with James Keith to form the ventilation company of Keith Blackman

L R C Ching who  joined with Comyn  to form the contracting firm of Comyn Ching

Renton Gibbs founder of the Liverpool firm who manufactured and installed Perkins HPHW heating equipment

Thomas Glover whose firm made the majority of the country's gas meters

Samuel Cleland Davidson who invented the first forward curved fan.

John Legg who formed the firm in his name in South Wales