Summer Meetings

In the early years the annual summer meeting must have provided a wonderful opportunity for the members to meet and hear the presentations of technical papers, and then take part in discussions on the Institution's progress and its future. The meetings during the first 11 years were held in the President’s home town or city. The venues for the later meetings were then usually held at a prominent coastal resort or Spa town where conference facilities were readily available, able to accommodate the steadily increasing membership. Most meetings included an organised visit to a local place of interest, and an arranged sports event such as bowls, tennis or golf, for participating members and their guests. It appears that the financial cost of the summer meeting was funded from the President's own pocket.

Walter Jones  1899   Stourbridge

D M Nesbit    1900    London

W R Maquire   1901    Dublin

J Nelson Russell  1902   Birmingham

Sir Louis F Pearson 1903 Nottingham

JNO Palmer  1904   Liverpool

George Crispin  1905   Bristol

W Nelson Haden   1906   Bath

William Nelson Haden writes that this summer meeting was held in the Empire Hotel Bath. Then an excursion train special to Trowbridge. Breaks four, four in hand to Longleat.  Lunch at Shearwater, tea at Bratton and home through Rood Ashton, then Trowbridge and train back to Bath.

W Nelson Haden   1907    Windsor

George Crispin who organised this meeting arranged the meeting at Windsor then a river trip on the Thames steamer Queen of England with dinner at The Crown Cookham then continued down to Hampton Court.

A Basil Simpson   1908   London

George Crispin also organised this meeting with lunch at Staines, tea at Hampton Court and the evening finished at the Franco-English Exhibition.

Walter Yates   1909    Manchester