The reasons for the creation and formation of the Institution in 1897 has always been a work in progress for the Heritage Group.
So little written information still exists, which prevents a realistic understanding to be formed about why those first Engineers considered it was the right time and thought it had become necessary to put together the building blocks to construct this new Institution.

The people involved, dates and certain events after 1897 are known and documented, so this webpage will collate these facts with LINKS that present them separately.

In 1897 people with an engineering background from all branches of the H&V industry, Contractors, Consultants and Manufacturers came together to form and become members of this fledgling Institution. The membership in those early years was approx 40.

The First Member
Early Documents 1899
1899 & 1900  IHVE Council
Early Documents 1900
1899  Inaugural Meeting
1899 List of Members& Associates
1899 IHVE Forms
1899 Rules