Past Presidents
1898 - 1910

Abbreviations used: 

    b - birthplace.   chr - chairman.   

    cont - contractor.   i - interests.     

   j - year joined IHVE.   manf - manufacturer.  

   md - managing director   p - projects.   

   pa - presidential address.  w - worked for.

John Grundy  (1) 1898  j. 1898
w. John Grundy  London (cont)

Walter Jones  (2)  1899  j. 1897 
w. Jones and  Attwood  Stourbridge  (cont)  pa. The Institution Present and Future.

D M Nesbitt  (3)  1900  j. 1899 
w. Ashwell and Nesbitt  London (cont)  pa. Defects in the heating and ventilating industry

W R Maguire (4) 1901  j  1898 
w. Maquire and Gatchell.  Dublin (cont)  pa. Heating in France and Italy

J Nelson Russell  (5) 1902  j. 1897 w. Rosser and Russell  London  (cont)

Sir Louis F Pearson  CBE (6)  1903 
j. 1897   b. Nottingham  ch.  Beeston Boilers  (manuf)  pa. Review of  Activities, notes on dust, technical education for heating and ventilating engineers, trade papers and railway transit.

J S Palmer  (7)  1904 
j. 1897    w. Syphons  Liverpool  (cont)

George Crispin (8) 1905  j. 1899 
w. Crispins   Bristol  (cont)

William Nelson Haden  (9) 1906/7  j. 1902 w. G N Haden and Sons  Trowbridge (cont) pa. Standards, legislation suggested lines of development.

A Basil Simpson (10) 1908 j. 1900 w. J Simpson London  (cont)  pa. Patents,  New developments.

Walter Yates (11) 1909 j. 1900  w. Matthews & Yates.  Manchester (manuf) pa. Review of Membership, design of economy in boiler plant.

Charles Ingham Haden (12) 1910 w. G N Haden and Sons  Trowbridge (cont) pa. Ventilation of Schools

Below is a composite picture of early presidents
and other members of the Insitution