Presidential Addresses
1899 - 1939

1899    Walter Jones              The Institution past, present and future

1900    D M Nesbit                  Defects in the Heating and Ventilating Industry

1901    W R Maguire               Heating in France and Italy  

1903  L F Pearson               Review of Activities, notes on dust, technical education for

                                                    heating and ventilating engineering, trade papers and railway  transit.

1905    George Crispin           Review of past activities.

1906    W Nelson Haden         Standards legislation – suggested lines of development.

1908  A B Simpson              Patents, new developments.

1909  Walter Yates              Review of membership, design of economy in the boiler plant.

1910  C Ingham Haden        Ventilation of Schools

1911  Oliver M Row             Improvement in schemes for heating and ventilating

1912    C R Honiball                Work and duty of the Institution

1913    J E Hartley                   Expansion of the Institution

1914    Kenneth Gray              Progress of the Institution

1915    H H Grundy                 Short review of past activities

1916    S Naylor                      Suggested readjustment in standardisation

1918  E Herring                    Coal resources and their future economic use

1920    W W Nobbs                 Past, present and future of the Institution

1921    Frank Biggin               Research review and new developments

1922    A H Barker                   Co-operation with kindred Institutions

1923    John Watson               Past, present and future of the Institution

1924    P M B Grenville           Formation of branches, publicity material

1925    Alcwyn A Jones          Technical education, research, the library

1926    Oswald Stott               Institution as a scientific body

1927    J L Musgrave              “What have you done for the Institution”?

1928    S Booth Horrocks       Branches technical papers

1929    J Roger Preston          Associate grade heating research

1930    E R Jones                    Progress of the Institution

1931    Sam Fox                      The Heating and Ventilating Industry

1932    J W Cooling                Future of Heating and Ventilating

1933    James Elliott              Journal of I.H.V.E.  New Liverpool branch

1934    R Comyn Ching          I.H.V.E.  Journal,  Benevolent Fund

1935    W E Fretwell               Sessional Meeting attendances,  Institutional scholarships

1936    A B Potterton             Progress in heating and ventilating

1937    C R Allensby              Developments in the industry

1938    G Nelson Haden         Aims and objects of the Institution

1939    R G Crittall                 Heat and health