The Merseyside and North Wales Region of the CIBSE celebrated the 75th anniversary of its founding in 2008. To commemorate the event Neil Sturrock the Vice Chairman of the Heritage Group who was also Social Secretary for the Region in 2008, considered it an ideal time to look at and record the achievements in Building Engineering Services that had taken place in the region during those 75 years and before. Therefore, these webpages describe a number of local buildings that can each be considered a landmark in its particular engineering discipline, and also show how the Region has contributed to the 19th & 20th century history, development and progress of the industry.

The book's chapters shown below will display as pdf files, and each may take up to 2 minutes to download dependant upon the make of your computer and your broadband internet speed.


Chapter 1
Introduction - Contents - History

Chapter 2
St Georges Hall - Liverpool

Chapter 3
The Doctors' Houses - Liverpool

Chapter 3a
Liverpool Town Hall

Chapter 4
The Main Bridewell - Cheapside
Chapter 5
Argyle & Campbell St -Bridewell
Chapter 6
Chester Cathedral
Chapter 7
Picton Library - Liverpool
Chapter 8
Liverpool Anglican Cathedral
Chapter 9
Royal Liver Building
Chapter 10
Mersey Tunnel - Queensway
Chapter 11
St George's School - Wallasey
Chapter 12
MANWEB - Head Office - Chester
Chapter 13
House for the Future - Macclesfield
Chapter 14
Liverpool Daily Post -Royal Insurance
Chapter 15
BSE Course at Liverpool University
Chapter 16
Building Services Research in M&NW
Chapter 17
Robert Renton Gibbs - Liverpool

January 2009