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Photographs and Drawings of
Building Services Engineering Companies

The Archives of the Heritage Group and the private collections of its members hold many hundreds of books, journals, catalogues and documents relating to the history of building services engineering. Many extracts from these are displayed on this web site. These collections contain thousands of photographs, illustrations and drawings showing systems, equipment, buildings and portraits of pioneers of our industry.

For this electronic book it was decided to put together one hundred photographs and drawings of the premises occupied by companies engaged in the manufacturing or contracting sides of the building engineering services industry.  Examples are taken from brochures and catalogues of a cross-section of such firms. These show how many organisations developed from small and humble beginnings into well-known international groups.

The available photographs and illustrations vary greatly in quality, some dating from the Victorian era. Some are original prints, others are taken from journals and catalogues. A number are in sepia tones. All those featured here have been digitally enhanced and, in general, standardised in black and white.

The book the Best 100 consists of 7 Sections each with 10 Chapters in pdf format, comprising 10 photographs to each Chapter.

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APRIL  2009