AC Guide     »The specifiers guide to Air Conditioning  May 1989

Biographies   »Front covers of biographies of pioneers in the H&V industry

Boiler Explosions    »Pictures of many historic boiler explosions

Building Services Engineering    »Illustrations from the 1982 book A review of Building Engineering Services

the best 100    »the best 700 photos held by the Heritage Group

chimneys    »a picture miscellany of many chimneys

Comfort Makers    »Information about 270 Pioneers in Building Engineering Services

Company Histories    »front covers of company histories held by the Heritage Group

Drawings European    »A selection of drawings from European catalogues

Golden Oldies   »a series of articles in the CIBSE Journal from 1984 - 1992

Historic Buildings  »selection of books on historic buildings held in the group Archive

Historic Building Types   »books about historic building types held in the group Archive

H&V Engineer   »A selection of magazine front covers in colour

Records and Documentation    »Drawings - Photographs - Patents - Magazines - Specifications

Cartoons  »A series of cartoons from a trade journal during 1944 - 1945

Humour    »Humour about Building Engineering Services

Heritage Books    »List of Books for the Building Engineering Services Industry

Heritage Guide Books    »A Guide to Building Engineering Services Heritage

Magazine Covers   »Centennial and Anniversary Magazine Covers

Pioneers    »People who have progressed the science of engineering

Radiators   »History of development of radiators in the USA 1841 - 1930

Richard Prosser    »the Vesta & Chunk Stoves - Birmingham's forgotten genius

Textbooks     »front covers showing textbooks held in the heritage group archive

Times Past   »a series of articles in HAC magazine June 1996 - 1998

USA Patents    »US Patents that relate to the Built Environment

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