Public Health    »History of sanitation and water supplies

Pumps    »A Selective Picture History

Radiant Heating  »A history of radiant heating & cooling - ASHRAE Journal

Refrigeration & AC   »History of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Equipment

Refrigeration History     »Selective pictures of historic refrigeration equipment

Room AC Units    »An assortment of various room AC units

Stage Lighting    »A pictorial glimpse how Stage Lighting evolved for the Theatre
Buzaglo Stove    »The history of the Buzaglo Stove

Bread Making    »Air Conditioning in the Baking Industry

Brewery Refrigeration  »A potted history and selective pictures

Comfort Air Conditioning  »The Story of Comfort Air Conditioning 800BC to 2000AD

Centrifugal Refrigeration    »Development of the Centrifugal Refrigerating Machine

Chunk & Vesta Stoves    »Richard Prosser - Inventor & the stoves he Patented

Early Solar Water Heaters  » Evolution of Solar Water Heating

Electricity  »The Willing Servant

EL&P 18 Century  »Early days of electric Light & Power

Electricity Generation      »A pictorial history of Electicity Generation

Elevators & Escalators  »A Selective Picture History

Early Elevator History
    »a picture history of early elevators

Elevator Safety   »history of the safety gear

Fire Fighting   
»A history of fire-fighting and its equipment

Gas Lighting    »French Gas Lighting & Appliances in Pictures

Greenhouse Heating   »Greenhouses & Conservatory heating

History of Fans    »a fit case for Ventilation

Historic Steam Boilers    »Pictorial illustrations of history of steam boilers

Hydraulic Power  »Buildings with Hydraulic Power

Hypocaust Heating  »Hypocausts from Roman times to the 20th Century

Industrial Air Conditioning  »A selective Picture History charting the early decades of the  20th century of the industry

Industrial Refrigeration    »Charting the first hundred years of the Industry

Lighting   »Lamps, Swan, Edison, Stage Lighting and Publications

Lightning Protection     »A potted history and selective pictures

Magic of Hot Water  »A selective Picture History of the early days of Domestic Water Heating

Manufacturing & Commissioning  »A selection of pictures showing the production of various equipment

Mines     »The Ventilation & Drainage of Mines

Oil Heating USA   »A retrospective 80 years of Indoor Comfort  1923 - 2003

Picture History of Early Elevators

Piping  »An illustrated look at various early types of pipes and fittings

Plumbing    »Selective pictures of plumbing and sanitaryware in the 19th & 20th

Power    »A look at various sources of Power

Street Lighting    »History of Street Lighting

Stoves    »A selection of Ornate European Stoves & Cookers

Sewage Pumping    »Pictorial details of Sewage Pumping Systems & Incinerators

Themometers    »History of the invention and development of the thermometer

Town Gas Manufacture    »Pictorial illustrations showing the manufacture of Town Gas

JULY  2017