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          Air Conditioning the Khasbagh Palace in India   »Memories from the 1930's by Archie Heard

                             Arthur Scull - Arthur Scull & Son    »History of the Firm 1881 - 1964

                                                          Archie Heard   »My years with Carrier Engineering Company London 1929 - 1972

                                                  A Parcel of Boilers   »Pictorial selection of the manufacturers and their Steam
                                                                                  & Hot Water boilers

                                                           Bob Caldwell   »Humorous reminiscences from his days in South Africa

     Building Engineering Services Heritage Revisited   »More buildings with historical engineering services

                                                     (i)  Broadcasting House  
                                                    (ii) Indoor Air by Carrier   »Achievements by Carrier Engineering Co Ltd in the 1930's
                            (iii) Carrier Centrifugal Refrigeration

                                                            Design Aids   »for Building Engineering Services

            Energy Conservation - 1976 - Drake & Scull   »The opportunities for Conserving Energy in Buildings

                                                     Fan Engineering   »A selective pictorial history of Pioneering Companies

                                  Keeping things under Control   »A selective pictorial history of automatic controls

                                           Radiator Retrospective   »a look at the history of Radiators

Rosser & Russell-1   »The history of the firm 1866 to 1974

                                                  Quest for Comfort    »A selective pictorial history of the early days of building
                                                                                 engineering services to mark the Centenary of the Chartered
                                                                                 Institution of Building Services Engineers 1897 - 1997

         The Carrier Absorption Refrigeration Machine    »A review of its Development and Manufacture in the UK
                                                                                 by Archie Heard

                                                   The Heat Makers    »Early Heating Engineers, Apparatus and Contracting

The Reck Patent Circulator System    »James Boyd & Sons  Paisley  c.1912 
                                            for Hot Water Heating

                            The Romance of Air Conditioning    »Carrier Corporation  USA  c.1950

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                      BUILDINGS & TRANSPORT
                                   American Radiator Building     »A selection of colour photographs

                                   Country House Engineering    »A pictorial snapshot of the engineering services

                                                         the Best 100    »A selection of black & white and colour advertisements

                                     Building Services Heritage   »Selected examples of Buildings with historical engineering services

                                              Cinemas & Theatres  
»A history of  HVAC in early cinemas and theatres
                                                         Glasshouses   »A selection of pictures in the UK and Europe

                                             Goverment Buildings   »Pictures of Government Buildings in the UK and USA

Hong Kong Air Conditioning    »Air Conditioning in Hong Kong 1930's to 2000

                                                          Lighthouses    »History of the lighthouse with a Selection of Pictures

                                      Liverpool Royal Infirmary    »A history of the building

                                                    Mersey Tunnel    »the dawn of Tunnel Ventilation

                                         Movie Theaters AC&R     »A section of Pictures                             

       Movie Theaters USA     »Going to the Movies USA in the 1920' & 1930's

         Exhibitions, Museums, Collections, Galleries    »A selection of Pictures

                                               Great Ocean Liners    »The Great Ocean Liners - a selection of photographs

                                       Potteries & Sanitaryware    »An informed look at the early history

Royal Festival Hall    »Details of the Concert Hall built on the Festival of Britain site in 1951

Sir John Soane's Heating Systems   »Soane's Museum Lincoln Inns Field & Dulwich Picture Gallery

                               Victorian Hospitals & Asylums   »A Selective Picture History

                              Victorian Prisons & Law Courts   »A Selective Picture History

                                 Victorian Schools & Colleges   »Warming and Ventilating of Victorian & Edwardian Buildings

                                                             Textile Mills   »Pictorial History of their Engineering Services

                                                         Transport   »Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning on Land, Sea and Air

                                         Travelling in Comfort   »Passenger Comfort travelling on the Railways

                                              Tunnel ventilation   »early tunnels & underground railways

                                                          Waterworks   »Providing water to the populace

                                                         Wind Towers   »A selection of Pictures


                                 The Automatic Heating Co    »Paul System of Steam Heating

                                                A G Coombs    »A selective pictorial history of the Company

                          Crown House Engineering Limited   »A selective Picture History

      Brightside Heating & Engineering Company Ltd   »A Selective Picture History

                                                        Drake & Scull   »Engineering into the 1980's including Drake & Gorham 1886 - 1961

E N Russell    »A record of E N Russell's business life with
                                                                                                                                     Rosser & Russell 1916 - 1948
                                            Hadens of Trowbridge   »The family and the firm

                                                       Haden History   »Historical notes written in 1965 for the firms 150th anniversary

                                                    Haden Activities   »plus Liverpool Cathedral & 150th Anniversary Exhibition
H J Cash & Co Ltd    »A history of the Company from 1904

How Group    »the early years of the company     
                                               J Jeffreys & Co Ltd    »A selection of important events in the firms history

                                             Mackenzie & Moncur   »The story of the firm

                                    Manufacturing the Weather   »The History of Carrier Engineering Company  London 1921 - 1970

H C & C F Price    »Selective details about the activities of the firm

                                               Rosser & Russell-2   »The story of the firm

                                             Ashwell & Nesbit Ltd   »The story of the firm 1879 - 1969

                           Vincent Skinner - Skinner Board   »The firm and its products 

                                                   J Roger Preston   
»The First Fifty years

                                                            Hoare Lea    »The First Consulting Engineers

                                  Wilson Weatherley Phipson    »Acquaintances, Supporters, Architects, Locations, Works

Consultants    »a selection of the principal Consulting Engineers
                                                Steensen Varming     »A selection of Projects "A Way of Thinking"


                                               Alldays & Onions       »Company History

                            American Radiator Company       »Company Advertisements

                         American Standard (Plumbing)       »The American Standard Family

                                                     Anniverseries      »Selected anniversaries of famous firms

                            Beeston Boiler Company       »Company Advertisements       

                                                             Buderus      »The Family - Company - Products

Carrier UK       »A Photo record from 1921 - 1975 & Drawings from 1920's & 1930's

                                           Carrier Engineering       »Theatre Cooling - Pictures from their 1925 Catalogue 

                                        Cochran & Co Annan       »A history of the company

                                                        Carrier USA     »A Photo record of Centrigugal Refrig Machines during the 1920's
                                                          Colt Group     »Jack O'Hea and the history of the company 1921 to 1997

         The De La Vergue Refrigeration Company     »selection of photos from 1890 & 1892 Catalogues

                             Frick Company Refrigeration       »A section of pictures and history of the Company

                                  H B Smith Company       »Boiler manufacturer - history illustrations & advertisements

                                             Hess Stoves      »Illustrations of stoves from 1887 catalogue

                                                      Hoval      »company history with a number of modern & historic buildings
                                                                                                                     heated by their boilers 

                                                         G A Harvey     »1935 Catalogue of Radiator Covers & Ornamental Grilles

                                         W & J Galloway       » A History of this pioneer Victorian Boiler manufacturer

                                  Willis Haviland Carrier      »A History of the man and his Firm
                                              Control Companies      »Anniversaries - Barber-Colman - Danfoss - Honeywell - Johnson

                                        Robert Boyle & Son Ltd    »A snapshot of the firm at the turn of the century c.1899

                                                  J & E Hall     »Two Hundred years of progress 1785 - 1985

                               Ideal Boilers & Radiators      »A history of the Company with a Timeline and selection of photos

                                  James Howden & Co       »A history of the company and its Products

                                                  John Henry Mills    »American Pioneer of steam boilers

J L Mott Iron Works    »Illustrated Catalogue of Plumbing Equipment 1888
                                                 J Langfields & Co     »Patent Moist Air H&V apparatus
    »A century of comfort
                                National Radiator Company     »UK Advertisements
Ozonair    »Short History of the company

                                               Saunders & Taylor     »1934 Catalogue of the KRYPTIC panel heating system

                                                            Sturtevant     »Two books published by the firm

                                      William Sugg & Company    »The Family and the Firm
                                             The Trane Company     »The history of the Company

                                                       Trane Europe     »The Firms activities in Europe

                                                  Thomas Crapper     »The man & the firm

                                                   Warren Webster    »A snapshot of the man and his Company 

York Machinery   »The history of the Company                                   
                                      Yorkshire Copper Works    »Short history of the firm


                                     The Rumford Club      »Pictorial History of the Club 1947 - 2017
Institute of Refrigeration     
»short history of the Institute

                                                    AMCA      »Air Movement & Control Association 1917 - 2017  
                                                                BSRIA      »History of Building Services Research Information Association
                                                                CIBSE      »Building Engineering Services Publications

                          The Greater Comfort of Mankind      »The Story of the IHVE Presidents
                              G N Haden and the IHVE     » G N Haden and their contributions to the IHVE

                                    Heritage Group Collection     » A miscellany of photographs held by the Heritage Group

                                         Heritage Group Library     »Collection of photographs

                                                 HVCA Centenary    »One hundred years 1904 - 2004

                           Illuminating Engineering Society     »A Selective Pictorial History of Lighting

            Merseyside & North Wales CIBSE Region    »75th anniversary  1933 - 2008

                                             Automatic Controls     »Publications in the Heritage Group Archive

                                     AC & V of Buildings    »Historical timeline & Publications  

                                                          Fire     »Fire fighting & Prevention Publications
                                           Heating & Ventilation     »Books and references to Publications in the Heritage Group Archive

                                    Plumbing & Sanitaryware     »Books and Publications in the Heritage Group Archive

                                        Science Museum    »Collections & Publications linked with the H&V Industry
                       SYSTEMS & EQUIPMENT

                                                      Buzaglo Stove    »The history of the Buzaglo Stove

                                                      Bread Making    »Air Conditioning in the Baking Industry

                                          Brewery Refrigeration    »
A potted history and selective pictures

                                      Comfort Air Conditioning    »The Story of Comfort Air Conditioning 800BC to 2000AD

                                      Centrifugal Refrigeration    »Development of the Centrifugal Refrigerating Machine

                                         Chunk & Vesta Stoves    »Richard Prosser - Inventor & the stoves he Patented

                                   Early Solar Water Heaters    » Evolution of Solar Water Heating

                                                 Electricity     »The Willing Servant
                                       EL&P 18 Century    »Early days of electric Light & Power  
                                         Electricity Generation      »A pictorial history of Electrcity Generation

                                        Elevators & Escalators    »A Selective Picture History

                                                   Elevator Safety     »History of Elevator Safety

                                                   Elevator History    »A picture History of early elevators

                                                       Fire Fighting    »A history of fire-fighting and its equipment

                                                       Gas Lighting    »French Gas Lighting & Appliances in Pictures

                                           Greenhouse Heating    »Greenhouses & Conservatory heating
                                                   History of Fans     »A Fit Case for Ventilation

                                                 Hydraulic Power    »Buildings with Hydraulic Power      

                                                  Hypocaust Heating     »Hypocausts from Roman times to the 20th Century

                                   Industrial Air Conditioning    »A selective Picture History charting the early decades
                                                                                                                          of the  20th century of the industry

                                        Industrial Refrigeration    »Charting the first hundred years of the Industry

                                                              Lighting     »Lamps, Swan, Edison, Stage Lighting and Publications

                                            Lightning Protection     »A potted history and selective pictures

Magic of Hot Water    »A selective Picture History of the early days of Domestic Water Heating

                         Manufacturing & Commissioning     »A selection of pictures showing the production of various equipment

Mines     »The Ventilation & Drainage of Mines

Oil Heating USA     »A retrospective 80 years of Indoor Comfort  1923 - 2003
                                                                Piping     »An illustrated look at various early types of pipes and fittings

                                                            Plumbing    »Selective pictures of plumbing and sanitaryware in the 19th & 20th                                                                                                                                                

Power    »A look at various sources of Power

                                                      Public Health    »History of sanitation and water supplies

                                                               Pumps    »A Selective Picture History

                                            Radiant Heating     »A history of radiant heating & cooling - ASHRAE Journal

                                             Refrigeration & AC     »History of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Equipment
                                          Refrigeration History     »Selective pictures of historic refrigeration equipment 

Room AC Units    »An assortment of various room AC units

                                                    Stage Lighting    »A pictorial glimpse how Stage Lighting evolved for the Theatre

Historic Steam Boilers    »Pictorial illustrations of history of steam boilers

Street Lighting    »History of Street Lighting

                                                          Stoves    »A selection of Ornate European Stoves & Cookers

                                                Sewage Pumping    »Pictorial details of Sewage Pumping Systems & Incinerators

                                                Themometers    »History of the invention and development of the thermometer

                                       Town Gas Manufacture    »Pictorial illustrations showing the manufacture of Town Gas


                                                 AC Guide     »The specifiers guide to Air Conditioning  May 1989

                                              Biographies      »Front covers of biographies of pioneers in the H&V industry

                                                Boiler Explosions    »Pictures of many historic boiler explosions

                              Building Services Engineering    »Illustrations from the 1982 book A review of Building Engineering

                                                       the best 100    »the best 700 photos held by the Heritage Group

                                                           chimneys    »a picture miscellany of many chimneys

                                                 Comfort Makers    »Information about 270 Pioneers in Building Engineering Services
                                             Company Histories    »front covers of company histories held by the Heritage Group

                                            Drawings European    »A selection of drawings from European catalogues

                                                    Golden Oldies    »a series of articles in the CIBSE Journal from 1984 - 1992

                                               Historic Buildings    »selection of books on historic buildings held in the group Archive

                                      Historic Building Types     »books about historic building types held in the group Archive

                                                     H&V Engineer   »A selection of magazine front covers in colour

                                       Records and Documentation    »Drawings - Photographs - Patents - Magazines - Specifications

                                                            Cartoons    »A series of cartoons from a trade journal during 1944 - 1945

                                                              Humour    »Humour about Building Engineering Services

                                                   Heritage Books    »List of Books for the Building Engineering Services Industry

                                         Heritage Guide Books    »A Guide to Building Engineering Services Heritage

                                               Magazine Covers     »Centennial and Anniversary Magazine Covers

                                                             Pioneers    »158 mini-biogs of people who have progressed the science of engineering
                                                      Radiators     »History of development of radiators in the USA 1841 - 1930

                                                  Richard Prosser    »the Vesta & Chunk Stoves - Birmingham's forgotten genius

                                                     Textbooks     »front covers showing textbooks held in the heritage group archive

                                                    Times Past    »a series of articles in HAC magazine June 1996 - 1998
                                                       USA Patents    »US Patents that relate to the Built Environment

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Hitchings *
             Keith Blackman *
American Radiator         National Radiator
American Standard  (Plumbing)
Hess Stoves       H B Smith (Boilers)
Beeston        Frick (Refrigeration)
De La Vergne (Refrigeration)


American Radiator Building
A History of Fans
A Picture History of Early elevators
Mersey Tunnel Ventilation

Firms Premises *


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