Fan Engineering
1556 - 1976

A selective picture history illustrating the Pioneers
and Companies in the
development of Fan Engineering

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                     Agricola   pages 1-5

Air Impellor, Airscrew, Alldays & Onions, Allen, American Blower   pages 6-12

Ashwell & Nesbit, Barlow, Blackman, Briggs   pages  13-18

British Trane, Buffalo Forge, Buttner-Werke   pages  19-24

Capell, Combes, Davidson, Desaguliers, Eck   pages 25-30

Escher-Wyss, Fabry, Farcot, Fan Manufacturers Assoc, Fournier & Cornu   pages 31-34

GEC, Geneste-Herscher, Guibal   pages 35-40

Harze, Howden, Huyett & Smith, Ilg, Keith   pages 41-46

Keith Blackman, Kley, Levet, Matthews & Yates   pages  47-52

Mortier, Motte, Musgrave, Peclet, Pelzer Dortmund, Rateau   pages  53-58

Rietschel, Savonius, Ser, Sirocco, Standard & Pochin   pages  59-64

Sturtevant   pages  65-70

Sulzer, Sutcliffe, Torrington, Vent-Axia   pages  71-76

Waddell, Walker, Wing, Woods   pages  77-83