Layout of National Radiator Company premises in 1911

Layout of Ideal Boilers & Radiators Company premises in 1938

The company based in Hull has been manufacturing an extensive range of cast iron radiators,
 boilers and assessories for nearly 100 years, serving the heating and ventilating industry
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about the history of the company, its development and progress through the 20th Century

The Heritage Group acknowledge with thanks Caradon Ideal for
providing this article about the history of the firm.

To read a Timeline of the name and company changes from its inception in 1895 

Members of the Heritage Group during our investigations into old H&V installations

regularly find cast iron Ideal Boilers still operating after 80 or more years. Their radiators
found still in use date
back even earlier further into the late Victorian and Edwardian periods.
This is surely a tribute to the
quality and craftsmanship built into those early products.
In fact if installed and operated correctly
this equipment will continue to provide effective
and reliable service for as long as necessary.

A small selection of the company's boiler products
from a 1924 catalogue are shown below.

To view early decorative radiators manufactured by the American Radiator Co

To view a selection of the firms adverts for heating equipment and sanitaryware


The Ideal Britannia cast iron sectional boiler with its extensive range of sizes and
outputs became one of the best known and arguably the most used boiler during
the first half of the 20th century.

JULY  2013