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Henry Cruger Price and Charles Fox Price are brothers. Their parents were Richard and Mary who married in 1786 in Bristol.

Henry Cruger Price was born on the 27th February 1794 in Queen Square Bristol. Why he was given the same first names as a prominent Bristol MP who also became Mayor has yet to be confirmed, as there appears to be no family link between the Price family and Henry Cruger.

Charles Fox Price is born 4th January 1802.

However, in the 1784 Parliamentary election for Bristol a Henry Cruger and Charles Fox both stood as candidates. Henry Cruger was duly elected as Member for Bristol. Was the Price family so involved with this election process that they decided to name two of their sons born after these two prominent local men.

Another ongoing query is that Henry Cruger Price is the second child to carry these names. The first Henry Cruger Price was born on the 6th April 1788 to the same parents Richard & Mary. It was a common feature in those days if the first Son died in infancy to give the next born Son the same name.

Henry Cruger the politician returned to his birth country America in 1790, which is two years after the first Henry Cruger Price was born.

The Ironmongery business is established in 1805 by Edward Homes in Clare Street Bristol. In 1812 the firm also has John Price and later in 1821 they are joined in the business by Henry Cruger Price and then Charles Fox Price. The firm continues to trade as Ironmongers and Brightsmiths through the 1820's with Henry and Charles making their important Patent application in 1829.

Charles Fox Price then resident in Clifton Bristol marries Mary Sophia Stephenson at St Mary's Church Hampstead London in January 1831. However, the marriage was short lived as he dies two years later January 1833 in Bristol.

July 1833 sees the three person Parnership of Edward, Henry and Charles being dissolved with the firm now carried forward in the sole name of Henry.

Two years after the death of Charles in 1833 his widow Mary Sophia Price marries Henry Cruger Price in January 1835 at the Parish Church in Minchinhampton Gloucestershire. They have one child a daughter named Mary Stephenson Price born in Clifton Bristol.

The 1851 census shows the family has moved to the St Pancras area of London where Henry's niece Frances and nephew Richard Price are living with them.  It must be assumed that these two relatives are the children of Charles Fox Price from his marriage to Mary Sophia. In the Census Henry gives his occupation as Civil Engineer.

Henry Cruger Price dies aged 62 in the later part of 1856 in St Pancras London. His widow Mary Sophia moves to Swanage in Dorset where she lives with Mary her daughter until moving in the 1890's to Dunmow in Essex. She dies there aged 87 in 1897.


Edward Homes and the Price family have an Ironmongers shop in Bristol established circa 1805

1821 - John & Henry Cruger Price are trading as Brightsmiths & Ironmongers at 11 Clare Street Bristol.

1829 - John, Henry & Charles Price are still trading as Ironmongers at 11 Clare Street Bristol

They take out a Patent in 1829 - No 5833 the first invention of a design for a wet heating system.

1833 - The firm is now titled H&C Price & Co  Ironmongers  11 Clare Street Bristol.

1833 Partnership lately subsisting between Henry Cruger Price (as the survivor of Messrs John & Charles Fox Price) and Edward Homes. In the first instance the firm of John, Henry & Charles Price & Co and subsequently under the firm of Henry & Charles Price & Co was dissolved on 1st July 1833 by mutual consent and by the retirement of Edward Homes from the business, will in future be carried on by Henry Cruger Price individually.

1841 the firm is now H C Price & Co Engineers & Patentees of Hot water warming & ventilating apparatus,
12 Nelson Street Bristol and at 2 Derby Street, Parliament Street London.

The Price Hot Water Heater

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