Recent Club events
and activities
in the 21st Century

The Club held its dinners/discussions during the 1990’s at The Stephens Club Queen Anne Street, but in 2002 this club changed ownership which resulted in a significant increase in costs. So an alternative venue was sought and after trying several venues it was eventually decided to move in 2004 to the Army & Navy Club in Pall Mall.


                                                                                                Army & Navy Club  

The number of Members in 2002 was 79 with a steady and encouraging increase up to 129 at the present day.

One of the meetings in most yearly sessions is held as a formal Black Tie dinner/discussion event that has usually been held at the Palace of Westminster. 
In 2010 to celebrate the 400th dinner the venue was moved to the Royal Institution considered a more appropriate location in view of Count Rumford’s fundamental involvement in establishing this scientific body of learning. Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Club, the Black Tie dinner will be held at the House of Lords on 21st September 2017.

The Club invited Baroness Maddock formerly the MP for Christchurch to become its first Patron which she accepted in 2005 with her tenure continuing until 2013. Lord Redesdale agreed in 2016 to become the second Patron of the Rumford Club.

From 2004 onwards the dinner/meetings continued to be held at the Army & Navy club, until 2013 when the Club’s first Lady Chair Ellen Salazar suggested moving the meetings venue to the National Liberal Club, which apart from one year 2014 held at the Royal Thames Yacht Club, has continued to the present year.

                                                                                National Liberal Club

In 2006 the Rumford Club Bursary was established, awarded each year to the second and third place CIBSE Graduate of the Year. 
The Club Chair for that year presents cheques of £600.00 to the second place and £300.00 to third place winners at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers event.

In keeping with the digital age and connecting to the Internet The Rumford Club has now set up its own website <> created in 2010 by Dr Tim Dwyer and regularly updated by Sebastian Gray. All members are now able to keep up to date with the Club’s events, future meetings, blogs, and current news.

The Club’s correspondence with its Membership from its foundation has always been by letter post but with the advent of the digital age all information is now sent electronically by email, with the exception of two members who still insist on receiving their correspondence by letter post.



Club Tie & Bling
Members have always been able to identify their allegiance to The Rumford Club by wearing their
Club tie. Members are now also able to show their connection with the Count visually by wearing
either a pair of cuff links or a lapel pin badge that display an image of the Count.  

Pair of Cuff links

70th Anniversary Tie

Lapel pin badge

Honorary Members
Norman Ludlow 2000
Tony Woodley 2001
Ronald Oughton 2004 Dr Alan Sherratt 2004
Bryan Franklin 2004 Brian Overall  2005
Derrick Braham 2005 Brian Moss OBE 2006
Tom Wallis  2006 Doug Oughton 2006
John Barnes  2010 Cedric Sloan  2014
Jim Ure  2015

September  2017