Honorary Members

Honorary Members elected in the 20th Century
Although not a Club member Willis H Carrier was the first person to be elected Honorary Member
at the luncheon held in his honour in June 1947. There followed a long period of fifteen years before
two club members Oswald Stott & H W J Lipscombe were the next elected as Honorary Members.
Prof Ole Fanger of the Technical University of Denmark although not a Club member
was elected Honorary Member in 1996.

First Honorary Members
Willis H Carrier  1947
Oswald Stott  1962
H W J Lipscombe 1962

Honorary Members elected 1962 - 1990 deceased

C J Atkins J C Backer N S Billington OBE
E F Cowell
J W S Cove (founder member)
H F J Fenton
C Hall (founder member)
B W R Hickmott
R J Hemmings
R Ledington H D Mills (founder member)
C Troup (founder member)
F M H Taylor

Honorary Members elected 1990 - 2006 deceased

Prof Ole Fanger  1996
Alan Foster  1998
Norman Ludlow  2000
Brian Moss OBE  2006

Honorary Members elected in the 21st Century

Tom Wallis 2001 Tony Woodley 2001
Ron Oughton 2004
Dr Alan Sherratt 2004
Bryan Franklin 2004
Derrick Braham 2005
Brian Overall 2005 Doug Oughton 2006
John Barnes 2010 Cedric Sloan 2014
Jim Ure 2015 David Wood  2018

A selection of sketches of Honorary Members drawn by Ron Oughton

Norman Ludlow 2000

Bryan Franklin  2004

Derrick Braham 2005

Doug Oughton 2006  FReng

Brian Moss 2006  OBE

Decorated  Members

Neville Billington OBE  (deceased)
Brian Moss OBE  (deceased)
David Lush OBE  CIBSE President 1993
Prof Anthony Thomas  OBE
Donald Leeper OBE  CIBSE President 2005
Robert Higgs OBE  Director HVCA
Ant Wilson MBE
Prof Max Fordham  OBE
Graham Manly  OBE

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