Frank Ferris and Brian Roberts both long serving members of the CIBSE Heritage Group
                        considered  that  The Rumford Club which they had both attended on occasions, 

                        70th anniversary
should be celebrated and marked by the production of an e-book to be
                        shown on the Group’s Website.


                       It was reasoned that the e-book should concentrate upon the Club’s august raison detre
                       by giving a pictorial selection of the members, dinners, meetings, visits, guest speakers
                       that have all contributed to the success of the Club’s 70 years in providing a forum for
                       all disciplines within the Built Environment.


                       The Heritage Group has had a long association with The Rumford Club that originates
                       with Neville Billington 1965, Paul Yunnie 2001 followed by John Barnes 2003 who all
                       served as Rumford Club Chairs. Geoff Brundrett in 1997 the CIBSE President during
                       its Centenary year, and a long serving Member of the Heritage Group, was a
                       co-presenter at the Club's 300th dinner anniversary of the resolution that "air conditioning
                       as practiced in 1993 is a menace not a benefit to mankind"   


September  2017