Landmark Equipment
Hall of Fame


What is this all about? In 2007 the H&V News and Modern Building Services
magazine invited readers to vote on 10 Landmark items of H&V equipment
which had contributed to the progress and success of the Industry.
At the NEC Exhibition held in Birmingham UK - ten posters were displayed
showing each of these products which visitors to the exhibition also could
then vote for as the most significant product.

The Winning Product

The product selected as the outright winner was thought to have been first designed and installed in 80 BC, and is attributed to Sergius Orata. It is, of course, the Roman Underfloor Hypocaust Heating System, and was in use throughout the UK and elsewhere for over 400 years. Indeed, after the departure of the Romans from Britain (in around 410 AD) it was many hundreds of years before the concept was re-introduced and only in recent times has it become used again.

Comments made to the website made it clear many saw this system as the clear winner, since it was way ahead of its time, offering real levels of comfort to a society that had not known anything similar before.

This initiative was in association with and backed by the
CIBSE Heritage Group.
The historical information being
provided by Brian Roberts the Chairman of the Heritage
at that time.

June 2011