In the early 20th century the use of steam boiler plant was commonplace for heating of buildings, and also for industries that needed steam for process work such as launderies, food manufacturing, bakeries etc.

Later in the 20th century steam boilers were phased out in favour of the use of electricity to create steam, it being cheaper in capital cost and had a minimal effect on the environment.

So when the Heritage Group are told of an old steam boiler plant it is always then involved in recording the equipment before its possible removal and disposal.

One such vertical steam boiler now disused originally supplying a laundry,  was seen at an old school
in Somerset. 


Side view showing dead weight
safety valve & water level control

Close-up view of Ronald Trist Mobrey
water level controller

View inside upper section showing cross tubes

View inside upper section showing tubes
welded into water jacket

View looking down showing refractory
brickwork in combustion chamber