Illustrations of various boilers listed in the Timeline

1663 - 1788

The first globular boiler and water cask used as a "steam water-lift".
Invented in 1663 by the Marquis of Worcester.

Savery's steam boiler used in connection with a water-lift in 1698

Newcommen's globular boiler set in brickwork for steam engines as used in 1710

Savery's cylindrical vertical boiler as used in 1711

Newcommen's Haycock cylindrical boiler as used in 1711

Newcommen's cylindrical boiler with curved ends as used in 1714

Smeaton's Haycock cylindrical boiler with internal fire-box, flues and iron
chimney being the first vertical flued boiler made. Introduced in 1769

c1772 - Newcommen's Steam Boiler

c1788 - Watt's Steam Boiler

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