1936  - Graduated from Victoria University Manchester with a MSc (Hons) first class degree in Physics, after post-graduate study in crystallography.

1937 - Joined the Building Research Station (BRS) working in the Physics division under A F Dufton on problems of heating & ventilation.

1940 & 1941 - War Research Work

1942 - Returned to the BRS as Secretary of the Egerton Committee

1944 - At the BRS commenced research on H&V being particularly concerned with air filtration, heat flow through walls and roofs, and condensation.

1948 - Joined the Institution of Heating & Ventilating Engineers IHVE

1949 - Co-author of  Special Report for the BRS on Pattern Staining in Buildings

1949 - Book published titled Thermal Insulation

1949 - Became head of the National College for Heating, Ventilating, Refrigeration and Fan Engineering and inaugurated research there.  During his term in office the college buildings were extended under his direction.

1951 - Helped to inaugurate an informal study group of research workers in Heating and Ventilating and the formation of Representatives of European Heating and Ventilating Associations  REHVA

1952 - Published three books on Thermal Properties of Buildings

1956 - IHVE - Elected a member of Council, serving on many of the Committees on matters relating to Engineering Services.

1958 - Encouraged the formation of the Heating and Ventilating Research Association HVRA and became its first full-time Director.


1962  - Book published titled The Heating of Halls of Residence

1965  - Chairman of Rumford Club

1966  - For his contribution of services to the industry, awarded the honour of the Order of the British Empire OBE

1967 - Published two books on Building Physics

1969 - Awarded in France their Gold Medal of the Sciences of the Artificial Climate.

1970-1971  - IHVE - Elected President of the Institution of Heating and Ventilating Engineers. Presidential address was “Of shoes and ships and sealing-wax”.

1971 – 1974  - IHVE - Chairman of the Study Group set-up by the Institution to report on Domestic Engineering Services.

1973  - Joined the recently formed Archeology Group of the Institution (now named Heritage Group)

1975  - IHVE - Accepted the Chairmanship of the Technology Board set-up by the Institution

1976  - IHVE - Awarded Institution’s Gold Medal

1979 - 1980  - Assistant Secretary of Rumford Club

1980 – 1989  - Secretary of Rumford Club

1982   - Co-author of  book published, titled “Building Services Engineering -
A Review of  its Development”

1991  - Retired from the Heritage Group

1997  - CIBSE - Made an Honourary Fellow of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers.