Churches and Chapels

The Churches and Chapels in this Country are one of the few custodians of the remaining buildings where it is still possible to discover an item of Victorian or Edwardian heating equipment, or maybe even a complete heating system, and sometimes still in operation.  Listed below are some of these buildings which have been found by the Heritage Group.

St Michael's Church  Brent Knoll  Somerset
Victorian Heating system by J Weech & Sons with
ornate sectional cast iron radiators

Musgrave / Perkins HPHW System
All Saint's Church  Kingston Seymour  Somerset
Haden's own manufactured Radiators 
Aswarby Church Lincolnshire
Early pattern Saddle Boiler
Stevens / Perkins HPHW System
Bethlehem Chapel  Treorchy  South Wales Perkins HPHW Heating System
Castle Bromwich Church  Birmingham
Victorian Heating system by Henry Hope with
box-ended pipe coil heaters
Caynham Church Shropshire
Victorian CI pipe coils and box-ended
pipe coil heaters
Christ Church Unitarian Chapel
Bridgwater  Somerset

Garton & King Saddle Boiler &
Water Trough Heating system

Cornwood Church Devon
Perkins HPHW Heating System
Corton Denham Church  Somerset
Petter's of Yeovil warm air stove
St Anthony's Chapel  Cowley Devon
Garton & King heating system
with CI pipe coil heaters
Victorian CI pipe coil heaters
Crowle Church Worcestershire
Messenger & Company Htg System
Perkins HPHW Heating System
All Saint's Church  Shipdham  Norfolk
Victorian CI pipe coil heaters
Victorian  CI pipe coil heating system
Great Bedwyn Church Wiltshire
Victorian CI pipe coil heaters
Haden Warm Air Stove

Gurney Warm Air Stoves
Skinner & Board CI Htg System
G N Haden Warm Air Stove
Lady St Mary Church  Wareham  Dorset
Victorian square CI pipe coil heating system
Lower Brailes  Church  Warwickshire
Perkins HPHW heating System
Mamble Church Worcestershire
Victorian CI pipe coil heaters
Nazareth Chapel  Llwynhendy Carms
Perkins HPHW heating system
Newent Church   Gloucestershire
A H Skinner heating system
Perkins HPHW heating System
Skinner &Board CI radiator system
Queen Charlton Church  North East Somerset
Skinner CI pipework & heater sytem
Musgrave Warm Air Stove
Portway 'Tortoise' Warm Air stove
St Andrew's Church  Aston Subedge  Gloucestershire

Direct Gas Fired CI sectional Radiators
A H Skinner CI radiator system
St Faith's Church  Overbury Worcs G N Haden  Warm Air Stove
John Grundy  Warm Air Stoves
St Nicholas Church  Kenilworth  Warwickshire
Victorian rectangular CI pipe coil
heating system
St Paul's Church  Portland Square  Bristol
Victorian CI pipe coil heaters
John Grundy Warm Air Stove
St Paul's Church  Spalding  Lincs
G N Haden  Warm Air Stoves
Trecynon Chapel  Aberdare  South Wales
Direct gas fired CI sectional Radiators
Twyford Church  Berkshire
Victorian CI pipe coil heaters - Rosser & Russell
Canon Pyon Church Herefordshire
Underfloor Heating System - B Bradshaw
Ufton Church  Warwickshire
Underfloor Heating System
Wellington Church  Herefordshire
Underfloor Heating System
St James Church Wigmore Herefordshire
Underfloor Heating System - Wm Dodson
Gill  Warm Air Stove
Perkins HPHW Heating System
Yazor Church  Herefordshire
Gurney Stove and Heating System

APRIL  2004