St Michael's Church
Cropthorne  Worcestershire

The church dates from the 12th Century.

The wet heating system within the church still remains as it was when originally installed during the late Victorian period, using cast iron socket and spigot pipework feeding box-ended pipe coil heaters. The pipe coil heaters which vary in height and length have decorative end header boxes. The manufacturer of these heaters is as yet unknown. Only one other example of this type of decorative box-ended pipe coil heater has so far been found. This is in a church in Templecombe Somerset.

There is a possibility that the pipe coil heaters were manufactured by the local firm Jones and Attwood of Stourbridge. Similar style heaters are illustrated in their product catalogues dating from that time period, but none that show decorative patterns on the box-end headers.

A selection of pictures of the decorative box-end pipe coil heaters are shown below.



AUGUST   2003