St John
the Baptist
Parish Church of Mamble

St John the Baptist Church dates from

13th Century mediaeval times, with the
Nave and Chancel built in Celtic style.

The 12th Century wooden bell tower

was included into the later built church.

The Church is Listed Grade I by English


A Victorian restoration was carried out

in 1880

There has been two types of heating installed in the church.

The original heating was provided by a warm air stove
fitted in the aisle leading from the south facing entrance door.

The stove is fitted in a floor pit under cast iron floor gratings.
The design of the stove has several external fins to increase the surface area and improve the heating effect.

The second and later heating system was a wet heating system most probably installed in 1880 when the Victorian restoration was carried out. This system includes cast iron pipe coils and box-ended pipe coil heaters. Tie bars are fitted to the header boxes to hold the cast iron pipe sockets.

At a later date most likely during the early 20th century the majority of the cast iron pipework was removed and replaced with steel pipework using screwed malleable fittings. 


The floor pit housing the warm air stove has been
used to hide the pipework installed later

Note the 6 fins forming the outside of the stove.
These fins increased the surface area of the stove


6-row double bank cast iron box-ended pipe coil heater
Note the steel pipe connection.

6-row single bank cast iron box-ended pipe coil heater
Note the socket & spigot joints on the bottom two pipes

6-row cast iron box-ended pipe coil heater.
Note that each cast iron pipe socket is fixed to
the end header box by two tie bolts.