St Mary's Parish Church
Newent  Glos

St Mary's Church dates from the Normandy period and was enlarged during the 13th and 14th centuries.
The church lays claim to having the longest unsupported wooden ceiling in the country.

The heating system dates from the late Victorian period and was installed by A H Skinner from Bristol. 
This firm separated from the previous firm of Skinner Board in 1894 when it split into two firms,
Skinner Board & Co and A H Skinner. They had their own ironfoundry at 106 Stokes Croft Bristol
where they cast boilers, pipe coil heaters, pipework and special shaped pipe fittings.

This is only the second example discovered of a surviving A H Skinner heating system.

The Skinner heating system has been updated during the 20C with mild steel pipework
modifications and new sectional radiators and a new gas fired boiler plant.

A selection of the box ended pipe coil heaters.

It can be seen from the various
shapes and sizes of the box end
heaters how they were purpose
made to fit the location where they
were to be installed.

Also note the purpose made bottom
side outlets with right angle wheel

The Skinner trade mark on their
heaters was always the rounded
tops with a Gothic shape to top
of the end header.

A selection of cast iron pipe fittings

Note the right angle elbows
and concentric reducer.

There appears to be be no
supports or brackets for the

April  2016