All Saints Church
Shipdham  Norfolk

The church can trace its history back to the 12/13th century and
is well known locally for its distinctive cupola on the top of the
tower. The cupola was added during the 17th century and a
major Victorian restoration was carried out during the 1880's.

The heating system was installed
circa.1880 and has several of the
original box-ended cast iron
pipe coil heaters still being
used today, having been in
service for over 100 years.

Photographs of the heaters
provided by Heritage Group
member Geraldine O'Farrell

The heaters are stood on base plinths which bear the inscription of the name
of the installer of the heating system. Cooper & Vincent - Dereham & Watton
The firm Cooper was listed in the Norfolk PO Directory of 1869 as Cooper Bros.
of East Dereham. This firm no longer exists. The second firm Vincent may have
been the company who cast the pipe coil heaters, as there is an iron foundry
still in business in Watton today.

Extract from Kelly's Directory of 1883

It is interesting to see the decorative ornamental design pattern inscribed into both the side and ends of the box headers and then to compare them with the designs found on the end headers of similar pipe coil heaters in other churches.
Visit the Cropthorne Church webpage and make the comparisons.

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March  2006