St Faith's  Overbury

St Faith's is an unusual name for a church and one of only 33 churches with similar names to be found in the country. The church is built from warm colour Cotswolds stone and is located on the southern side of Bredon Hill in the Worcestershire countryside. The warm air heating system was most likely installed at the time the church had a Victorian restoration in 1880, which was designed by the eminent Architect R Norman Shaw Esq. One claim to fame the church has is that it has sometimes been used for the external scenes of weddings for The Archers, the longest running BBC radio series. Another claim to fame is that it has still retained one of the very few remaining G N Haden & Sons Ltd warm air stoves. The stove was first installed in 1879, and then had remedial and replacement works carried out in 1946.



The warm air stove  and its arrangement of large builders work air ducts were designed and  integrated into the fabric of the building structure  for the church.
These large builders air ducts were routed underground to distribute the warmed air into the Church through cast iron floor gratings.
The gratings  are positioned  in the aisles towards the  rear of the church.

Research carried out at the Haden Archive held by the Wiltshire Record Office in Trowbridge showed in the original Order Book for that time period that the stove was a size No 2 and given the number of 4448 with an entry date of 21st May 1879. Every Haden stove installed was given its own unique number. Remedial and replacement work was carried out to the stove in October 1946.

   June  2005