Montacute House 
Nr Yeovil.  Somerset

This stately house dates from the late Elizabethan period and was the
home of the Phelips family until 1915, when it was sold, and became
the home of Lord Curzon. The house and gardens have been owned
by The National Trust since 1931.

South Elevation

North Elevation

The original heating system is a LPHW hot water pattern which appears to have
installed during the 1880's.  This can be determined by the pattern of
box-ended pipe coil heaters fitted in many of the rooms. Most of these heaters
been enclosed in cast iron pedestal enclosures with open lattice fronts.


In one of the first floor rooms is a  fine example of a box-ended cast iron pipe coil heater with box end headers. The heater is constructed of 3 pipes which are flanged at both ends and bolted direct to the box headers. The heater carries the inscription "W Sparrow  Martock". It could therefore be assumed that an iron foundry was located in the town of Martock approx 6 miles from the house where these heater castings were manufactured.

 A variation of the pipe coil heater is sited in a ground floor room. This is a 4 pipe high cast iron sinuous coil type heater with socket and spigot joints, again carrying the inscription  "W Sparrow  Martock"

In main passageways are two excellent examples of cast iron pedestal type heater enclosures / cabinets which covers the box ended pipe coil heater. The front of the enclosure has a diamond pattered open lattice arrangement.  Note the style, shape and openings of the pedestal are similar to ones found at Lacock Abbey indicating the strong probably they were made by the same local iron foundry.

The heating system was updated and probably extended in 1915 when Lord Curzon
became the owner of the house. Many examples of sectional pattern radiators can
found in other rooms and corridors.

This pattern of low height radiator can be seen in many of the ground floor rooms.

They were named the Ideal Window Radiator and were manufactured by the National Radiator Company Limited, and are illustrated in their 1911catalogue.







The servant Call system was installed during the Curzon ownership
of the property. Bell pushes can be seen in the main rooms and the
two annunciator panels are wall mounted in the corridor adjacent to
the Kitchen.

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