Street Lighting by Gas

To find any streets, roads or highways now lit by
gas lamps is a rarity and represents a little
time capsule of byegone days from the late
Victorian and Edwardian periods.

So when street lighting by gas is discovered
the Heritage Group is pleased to record and
photograph the different types and styles
of posts and lanterns.

These gas street lights can be found on the A449 close to Little Malvern in Worcestershire

Note the different types and styles of post and base.
The posts are all made by Hardy & Padmore of Worcester,
but the orginal lanterns have all been replaced with Sugg's
lanterns from their Windsor range.

These gas Street lamps are to be found in Great Malvern, Worcestershire

These are replica patterns made by Sugg's. The posts are of
varying heights from their twisted 'Barley stick' pattern.
The lanterns are from their Windsor range.

The twisted barley stick post is a Sugg design with an
approx post height of 6 feet with the Windsor pattern lantern sat atop of it.

To standardise the height of the each street light different style and height base sections were fitted. These can be seen in the various photos.

All the burners now have battery operated timers and photo electric cell systems developed to provide independant control.

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MAY  2009