St Peter's Church.  Fugglestone 



The small church of St Peter's in Fugglestone is locked in a little time warp of engineering history. Due to its small size the church has never been
converted to electricity, and in the 21st century it still has and uses the original Victorian gas lighting.
During the wintertime the church services
have to be held in the afternoons as the illumunation level of the gas lighting is not sufficient during the hours of darkness.

Built in the 13th century of Ashlar and Rubble it was given a Victorian restoration in 1848.
The small village of Fugglestone does not show on most
maps, and but for the church the village would have disappeared.
The church was used for worship by Lepers from the nearby hospital during the
1200's. It is unusual to find an Anglican church still keeping its balcony, having survived the Victorian restoration, when most of the balconies
were removed.
 The Church still retains its original box pews.

The Churchwarden's duties include lighting all the gas mantles in time for the Service.

A pictorial selection of the gas lamps in the church

                                                               The Chancel                                                           4 lamp hanging pendant

                                           Pulpit with wall bracket                                                               Twin wall bracket over wall plaque

                                            Balcony with lamps                                            4 lamp hanging pendant over Squire's box pew

                                     Typical wall bracket                                                Balcony and ground floor box pews

MARCH  2003