The Oldest Heating Firm
and the first Central Heating System.

THE IRONMONGER Journal of October 27th 1928 wrote an editorial which posed the question "which is the oldest heating firm". The list of the firms on the membership roll of the National Association of Heating, Ventilating and Domestic Engineering Employers of 1928 showed that at least nine heating engineering firms had been established over 100 years.

Edward Deane & Beale  Ltd        London                   1700

Rosser & Russell Ltd                    London                    1770

A Seward  & Co Ltd                      Lancaster               1778

Clements Jeakes & Co         London     previous to   1800

(merged with Benham & Son  Ltd)

Comyn, Ching  & Co Ltd       London     previous to   1800

H C Price Lea & Co                   London         about   1804

G N Haden & Sons Ltd               Trowbridge              1816

Henry Hope & Sons Ltd              Birmingham             1818

(now Hope's Heating & Lighting Ltd)

J C & J S Ellis  Ltd                      Sheffield                   1825

(now Brightside Foundry & Engineering Co Ltd)

The real point at issue is, when did any one of these firms install their first central heating system, as distinct from separate stoves or firegrates. 

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