Drinking Water Fountains

The drinking water fountain has a history which dates back into pre-history with the ancient Greeks. In more recent times it has been a method of allowing ordinary people to be able to drink water provided by the local water authority.

Owl fountain from Hero of Alexandria's Pneumatica

Via della Cisterna  Rome

Villa Sciarra  Rome

Death's Dispensary  1866

Federal Tile & Trust Beaver Falls USA  1870's

Fottergill Fountain  Darlington  1918

This picture is taken from The Illustrated London News, Vol.41, p.13, 1862.

The Victorians were well known for their ornamental and highly decorative drinking water fountains. Whether they are to be found located inside a Building or on the Street, these fountains are items of engineering and architectural history. This webpages will show drinking water fountains of unusual design and / or exceptional quality found by the Heritage Group.

This excellent example of a highly ornate and decorative drinking
water fountain (now unused) in
Victorian highly glazed colourful
tiles was found in the Old Library Building
in Cardiff and dates
from the 1890's when the building was refurbished.

Victorian cast iron  drinking fountain can be
seen in the Trowbridge Museum,  Wiltshire

This drinking fountain was erected in 1904 in memory of the Reverend Urijah Rees Thomas in recognition
of his dedication to the service of the public. It is a Grade II listed structure and sited in Clifton Bristol

This cast iron pedestal drinking fountain
erected in 1900 is to be found on a
corner of Horfield Common in Bristol.

This interesting cast iron drinking fountain and horse trough erected to
the memory to J Comyns Leach MD JP and his son who both died in
Edwardian period can be found in Sturminster Newton,  Dorset.
Note the small statue of Neptune with his trident
which adorns the top of the drinking fountain.

A very colourful Victorian tiled drinking fountain for people
and their pets
to be found in Clevedon Somerset.

This Victorian fountain  has a different  religious verse
on each face. It is a Grade II listed structure and can be
found close to the
Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol.

This fountain which dates from Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee year of 1897 can
be found in the Queens Gardens of the Palmyra Square Conservation Area in
Warrington, Cheshire. Only the canopy
remains and is a Grade II listed structure.

Robert Garrett a wealthy local businessman presented to this Public Park
the royal centre piece of a cast iron drinking water fountain.

The four faces of the canopy show on two sides a profile of Queen Victoria
and on the other two sides an image of a stork, with the inscription

The excellent quality of the ironwork can be seen in the profile image
of the Queen on the canopy.  The fountain was manufactured 
William Macfarlane at their Saracen Foundry in Glasgow.

The photos of the Queens Park, Warrington
Drinking Fountain were provided by Geoff Brundrett

This cast iron drinking fountain made at Coalbrookdale was
erected to celebrate
the coronation of Edward VII in 1902,
and can be seen in
Cow Square, Somerton, Somerset.
It provided water for people, horses and pets.

The fountain now provides a home for a summer floral display.

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