HADEN 1908


In presenting to our friends the following short list of Cathedrals and Churches where we have installed the heating system, in whole or in part, we take the opportunity of naming that we have been continuously engaged in this work for nearly a century, our Firm being the oldest in the Trade.

During that lengthened period, the heating and ventilation of Churches, etc. has had our particular attention, and our experience is, that there is no "universal system" to suit all buildings, the best scheme being that which has been designed after careful study of the special requirements of the building under consideration. In a word our aim is to supply an efficient apparatus, at as  reasonable a figure as possible compatible with "BEST WORK"  lowest annual upkeep being the best economy, as proved by the fact that some Apparatus erected by us have been in constant use for over 50 years.

The following list of Buildings does not of course represent the full number of Churches we have heated, as they amount to several thousand, irrespective of a large number of Nonconformist Churches, which  if published in extensio would be outside the limits of easy perusal.

AUGUST  2004