No 1.  NOVEMBER  1999

Building   Services   Heritage   Group

Summer Meeting / Visits  1999
A most instructive and enjoyable visit was made to the Royal Victoria Hospital  in Belfast . The hospitality shown to the Group Members who attended was greatly  appreciated.

The visit to the preserved Carrickfergus old Gas Works gave members an insight into the working conditions that were expected in those days.  The collection of  old gas lamps, fittings and other examples of gas fired equipment  that has been collected and saved for future exhibition was truly remarkable.

The committee meeting had a slightly
different character to it that time being  held in the cafeteria of the Carrickfergus local Co-op  Supermarket.
Christmas  Lecture 1999

It was decided that unfortunately a         Lecture could not be held this year as
it had become  too late to make the necessary arrangements and  to find a suitable building for the visit.


Research is continuing into tracing this
eminent engineers history. Particular
points of current interest are:

·    Family History genealogy
·    Work for the Admiralty in Woolwich
·    Lecture to the Medical Officers of          Health in Marylebone London 1859
·    American connection with District
·    Birmingham Town Hall  c. 1890
·    Author of  “ A Memoire” c. 1892
·    The search for a photograph

South West Region wish to dispose of some old IHVE ASHE and ASHRAE bound technical guides for the following years.
   IHVE         1929 - 1934
                     1937 - 1944
  ASHVE       1948 - 1954
  ASHACE     1955 - 1958
  ASHRAE     1959 - 1962

Should anyone wish to add any of these guides to their collection  or  know  of someone who may, please contact committee member
F J Ferris     


A possible  venue for  the spring meeting has been suggested as a visit  to  St Georges Hall  in Liverpool, to be held in May 2000, and  this  is  currently  being  researched by Mike Barber. This is one of the  first  “Air Conditioned ” buildings c.1850 using mechanical ventilation and  is a  pioneering example  of  early  HEVAC engineering.  Members attending will also have the opportunity to visit an  example  c.1870  of  a hermetically  sealed  building;
 - A Doctors surgery comprising domestic residence / consulting rooms.

A proposal  in the  pipeline  is to write
a short biography of Neville Billington 
who was  the longest serving member
( now retired ) of the Heritage Group.

The next Committee Meeting / Annual General
Meeting is to be held at 11.00 am on Thursday 
20th January 2000 in Balham.