No  2.   JUNE   2000

Building   Services   Heritage   Group

Spring Meeting / Visits  2000
Another instructive and enjoyable visit was made by the Group this time to the Octagon  and  St. George’s Hall in Liverpool.   Many  thanks are due to
     Mike Barber  (Octagon)     and 
     Neil Sturrock   (St. Georges Hall)
who acted as the Guides.  How Neil managed not to lose anyone amongst
the labyrinth of tunnels, catwalks and gangways was a tribute to his organisation.

The sizes of the spaces and voids within the building dedicated to the provision of the ventilation system were immense.
It was a great disappointment to learn that this magnificent building has no current regular use other than to act as a building for visitors to tour.
An excellent description of the heating and ventilation system is given in the report  titled “ The Mechanical Ventilation and Warming of St. George’s Hall, Liverpool” by Charles R Honiball.  M.I.Mech.E.  dated  1907. A copy is  held by the CIBSE Heritage Library.


Dublin  2000.  Joint CIBSE /     ASHRAE   Conference
The paper written by Mike Barber about   Wilson W Phipson was submitted to the  Committee and  has been accepted. This paper will bring up to date all the recently found information. It will  be presented as a lecture given by the Heritage Group.

            MICE.   1838 - 1891

Research is continuing into tracing this eminent engineers history.   Particular points of current interest are:

A visit to the Birmingham Library and
Records Archive found:-
The original plan layout drawings and sections prepared by Phipson from his Strand Offices in London for the Birmingham Council Offices and the Museum & Art Gallery Extensions dating from 1869.
The articles in the Birmingham Daily Mail from October 1891 mentioned in “A Memoir” were also found and copied.

The search for a photograph of him and also the name of the author of  “A Memoir” dated 1892  continues.

Members will be interested to learn about the relocation of the CIRCA Trust & WICCAD heritage collections from  Frome  in  Somerset  to the Stroud Mills Heritage Centre in Gloucestershire.  The home for the new archive is at  Kimmins Mill, Sainsbury’s,   Dudbridge,   Stroud.
  The Curator  is  John Keenan
  Tel No. 0117 - 968 7850. 

Jonathan David of CIBSE will initially manage the CIRCA trust. 

The proposed summer venue will be a
return visit to Belfast, this time to view
what could be the last working steam
driven ventilation system in existence.
This system is housed in a technical
college in Belfast. It is understood that
this building is under consideration for
demolition, so all Group members
attending make sure that you bring 
cameras or  Camcorders.

The Heritage Group Homepage on the
CIBSE Website has now been updated to allow members to keep in touch with the latest information procured by the Group. Should anyone have any comments  on further additions for the Homepage please inform the Editor.

This trust is proposing an initiative for the establishment of a Heritage Information Exchange for those associated with conservation. The main objective of the Initiative is to provide for the first time easily accessible information for all.

1876 - 1999
This is the third edition in a series of
pictorial histories chronicling milestones in the growth of the General Electric Company. Copies are available through The Schenectady Museum,   New York
Tel No. 001 518 382 - 7890    or
Fax: 001 518 382 - 7893  for details.

      The outline text of the book
      listing many of the Victorian                    and Edwardian Heating &
      Ventilating  firms has now been             prepared.
     A first draft of the book on the
     Life and Works of Wilson W                   Phipson MICE. has now been                written.

     ASHRAE have now given their
     agreement to put in hand the  
     arrangements for the publication
     of the book titled “The Comfort              Makers”

     The book titled “The Magic of 
     Hot Water”, is in the course of      
     G N Haden & Sons Ltd.   The
     history of their Bristol Office. 

The date of the next combined
Committee meeting and Summer
visit has still to be determined but
is scheduled for September 2000
in Belfast.