BS =Building Services   CHS =Construction History Society 
HAC = Heating and Air Conditioning

“A Historical Review of the Art of Heating and Ventilating”.
                           Neville S Billington, JIHVE,   October 1955, 3-23. 
“Our Industry’s Past,”  N S Billington, BS (JCIBSE), March 1980.

“Services Heritage: Treasure Store,” J M Barber, BS (JCIBSE), March                                                                  1980.

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“Restoration Project,”     George Fuller, BS (JCIBSE), May 1983, 60                                                    (Preserving archival material).

“Our Industry’s Past,”     BS (JCIBSE), May 1984:
“Climate & Man,”           N S Billington
“The Octagon,”                J M Barber (Liverpool Doctor’s House)
“Museum Piece,”             G E Forster & A E Butcher (Museums)
“Soft Heritage,”               E W Shaw (Documents)

“Show a Light,”               Neville Billington, BS (JCIBSE), October 1985,                                               54-5 (Lighthouses).
“First Aid,”                     Brian Roberts, BS (JCIBSE), (Hospitals).

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“Words of Wisdom,”        Brian Roberts, BS (JCIBSE), January 1987, 39                              (Services quotations) 

"Hubble-bubble, toil & trouble,"    Paul Yunnie
Building Services    August 1988,

“The SI Jungle Revisited,”  Brian Roberts, BS (JCIBSE), September 1988,                                                47-8  (Review of metrication).

“Upstairs Downstairs,”   Brian Roberts, BS (JCIBSE), December 1988,                                                 42-3  (Country Houses).

“The Specifiers’ Guide to Air Conditioning,” Brian Roberts,   BS (JCIBSE)    May 1989,  Supplement of  8 papers, No. 5:  “Flavour of the Month,” 24-6 (Historic trends in air conditioning). 

“Services in the Clink,” Brian Roberts, BS (JCIBSE), January 1990, 41-2                                           (Prisons).

“Electricity and Lighting in Art,”   Brian Roberts, Electrical Design,
           Part-1:  “Flickering Flames,”  January 1990, 40-2
           Part-2:  “Burning the Midnight Oil,”   February 1990, 44-6
           Part-3:  “Laying Down the Changes,” March 1990, 42-4

“Let’s Go to the Movies,”   Brian Roberts, BS (JCIBSE), August 1990,                                                      41-3 (Cinema air conditioning).

“Stories on the Big Screen,”  Brian Roberts, Electrical Design, October                                                        1990, 35-6    (Studio & cinema lighting).

“Trams get an Airing,”    Ian Stewart, BS (JCIBSE), November 1990,54-5                                           (Heating & ventilation of trams).

“Trouble at Mill,”        Brian Roberts, BS (JCIBSE), August 1991, 34-5                                             (Textile mills).

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“Orangeries & Lemons,”     Brian Roberts, BS (JCIBSE), December 1991,                                                36-7 (Heating of glasshouses).

“A Pictorial History of Theatre Lighting,” Brian Roberts, Electrical Design,
                 Part-1:  “Drama by Daylight,” March 1992, 18-20
                 Part-2:  “Footlight Parade,”     April 1992, 20-2
                 Part-3:  “The Gaslight Era,”    May 1992, 40-2 

“David Salomon’s Electric House,” Brian Roberts, BS (JCIBSE), April 1992, 38-9    (Broomhill, Tunbridge Wells, 1874-1911).

“Atria Revisited,” Brian Roberts, BS (JCIBSE), September 1993, 32-3                                       (Daylighting).

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“Early Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning in the United Kingdom,”  Paul G Yunnie,  ASHRAE Trans, V, 101, Pt.1, 1995.

“W W Phipson, MICivilE: The Evolutionary Work of a Victorian Building Services Engineer,” J M Barber, CIBSE / ASHRAE Joint National Conference, 1996, 47-56.

“The History of Water Heating,”    Brian Roberts, HAC, 
     Part-1:   “False Dawn,”  August 1999, 28-9
     Part-2:   “The Victorian Era,” Winter 1999, 24-5
     Part-3:   “At the Turn of the Last Century,” Spring 2000, 14-5     
     Part-4:   “Between the Wars,”  Summer 2000, 20-1
     Part-5:   “The Forties and Beyond,” Autumn 2000, 26-7
     Part-6:   “Colourful History,” Winter 2000, 26-7

" A Short History of the Musgrave's of Belfast"
                 Frank J Ferris   ( HG Website)  December  2001

"First Among Equals" Brian Roberts,  HAC, January 2002, 18-19
(W W Phipson)

" The Perkins HPHW Heating System"
                  Frank J Ferris    (HG Website)  January  2003

" Air Conditioning the Louisiana State Capitol "
      J Michael Barber,  ASHRAE  Journal,  September  2003,  44-46

" The Perkins Hot Water Central Heating System "  
   Frank J Ferris,   NADFAS News & Views,  September 2003,  5-6

" CIBSE HERITAGE GROUP  30 Years Young "  Brian  Roberts and
Paul Yunnie  HAC  September  2003,  20-21

" History  Makers "   Brian Roberts  BS (JCIBSE),  December  2003,   38-39

" The House of Sugg "   An ongoing story, the history of  the company by Chris Sugg    (HG Website)  December 2003

" Sir Goldsworthy Gurney "  Cornwall's Forgotton Genius         Frank J Ferris  (HG Website)  January 2004

" The Perkins Family "   Four Generations of Engineers.   A short history
of  the Perkins  family and the HPHW heating system..  Frank J Ferris  
(HG Website)  February  2004

" Haden"  the Victorian Family & Firm in Trowbridge. A potted history about this famous family during their years in Trowbridge.  Frank J Ferris  (HG Website)  August 2004

"Keeping Things Under Control"  An Electronic Heritage Book  Publication. A selective pictorial history of automatic controls. Brian Roberts (HG Website) November  2004

" John Grundy the Family and the Firm"  A short history about John Grundy the first president of the IHVE 1898. Frank J Ferris (HG Website) February 2005

" Dr Neil Arnott  FRS "  An investigation into his life and the Arnott warm air stove.      Frank J Ferris (HG Website)  November 2005


“Wilson  Weatherley Phipson, MICE:  1838 – 1891
  a Victorian Building Services Engineer,” 
J M Barber,   F J Ferris,  R Forster,  B M Roberts  CIBSE /ASHRAE   Joint National Conference,  Dublin 2000, ‘20 – 20’ Vision.


"The Grandfather of Air-Conditioning - the Work and Influence of David Boswell Reid, Physician, Chemist, Engineer (1805 - 1863)"
Neil Sturrock and Peter Lawson-Smith.  Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Construction History at Cambridge 2006.
“Golden Oldies,” Brian Roberts, some 90 postcard feature illustrations / descriptions which ran in a monthly series  in BS (JCIBSE) from September 1984  to 1992.

“Times Past,” Brian Roberts, a series of postcard feature illustrations / descriptions which has run from time to time in HAC, beginning  June 1996.

      APRIL  2002