Selection of  different style Vertical Tubular Heaters

      Large half hexagon            Small half hexagon                Large hexagonal                   Large Octagonal

      10- row single bank  box ended pipe coil heater

                 10 - row double bank box ended pipe coil heater
                  with Gothic style end headers.

10- row double bank box ended pipe coil heater

           8- row single bank box ended pipe coil heater

Selection of cast iron fittings and header boxes


These castings  were made at their iron foundry in Stokes Croft Bristol and
installed in Churches in Bristol,  Cheddar,  Highworth and Newent.

This unusual cast iron header box dated 1874 is the oldest known example of a casting from the Vincent Skinner ironfoundery in Bristol. They were made to allow the triple runs of cast iron pipes to set around large semi - circular stone columns. 

Two of these header boxes can still be seen in St Mary Redcliffe Church  Bristol. 

There has to be many more Churches with these types
              of castings just waiting to be discovered.

JULY  2003