American Radiator Building   »the History and photos of the building

the Best 100    »A selection of black & white and colour advertisements

Building Services Heritage   »Selected examples of Buildings with historical engineering services

Building Engineering Services Heritage Revisited   »More buildings with historical engineering services

(i)  Broadcasting House
ii) Indoor Air by Carrier   »Achievements by Carrier Engineering Co Ltd in the 1930's

Cinemas & Theatres   »A history of  HVAC in early cinemas and theatres

Country House Engineering    »A pictorial snapshot of the engineering services

Exhibitions, Museums, Collections, Galleries    »A selection of Pictures

Glasshouses   »A selection of pictures in the UK and Europe

Goverment Buildings   »Pictures of Government Buildings in the UK and USA

Great Ocean Liners    »The Great Ocean Liners - a selection of photographs

Hong Kong Air Conditioning    »Air Conditioning in Hong Kong 1930's to 2000

Lighthouses    »History of the lighthouse with a Selection of Pictures

Liverpool Royal Infirmary    »A history of the building

Mersey Tunnel Ventilation   »the Dawn of Tunnel Ventilation

Movie Theaters AC&R     »A section of Pictures

Movie Theaters USA     »Going to the Movies USA in the 1920' & 1930's

Potteries & Sanitaryware    »An informed look at the early history

Royal Festival Hall    »Details of the Concert Hall built on the Festival of Britain site in 1951

Sir John Soane's Heating Systems   »Soane's Museum Lincoln Inns Field & Dulwich Picture Gallery

Textile Mills   »Pictorial History of their Engineering Services

The Milam Building  »Considered the first high rise fully AC building in the world

Transport   »Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning on Land, Sea and Air

Travelling in Comfort   »Passenger Comfort travelling on the Railways

Tunnel ventilation   »early tunnels & underground railways

Victorian Hospitals & Asylums   »A Selective Picture History

Victorian Prisons & Law Courts   »A Selective Picture History

Victorian Schools & Colleges   »Warming & Ventilating of Victorian & Edwardian Buildings

Waterworks   »Providing water to the populace

Wind Towers   »A selection of Pictures

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