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The Heritage Group will be Celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2023
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Welcome to the Heritage Group Website of the CIBSE. The Heritage Group was established in 1973 with the main purpose of discovering and recording all aspects of building engineering services history. This website aims to inform persons interested in learning about the history of the Building Engineering Services industry from its beginnings in the Industrial Revolution.

Use the Buildings with Historical Equipment link to view further webpages that list the historical engineering equipment or services already discovered in many existing buildings. A short description of the system or the equipment that was found will
then be displayed.

This website is also intended to encourage and assist people to forward to, or contact the Group with details of equipment or systems that could be of interest historically to the Group and which would be worthy of recording. Use the Equipment & other Items Sought link to view the list.

Published by Historic
England & National Trust


2013 marked the
40th anniversary
of the inauguration

the Heritage

Use this link to read
about the Group's
historical engineering
activities during the past

 four decades

Would visitors to this heritage
Website please note that it
does not purchase, nor sell
or offer quotations on any
type of equipment whether
or not related to historical
heritage building services.

This Website deals with the
history of our industry. 
Its content, photographs
and illustrations reflect
the attitudes that
prevailed in those times.

Consequently visitors
to the Website should be
aware that some of the
content may not conform
to the PC standards that
prevail today.  

Established November 2001
Last  Updated  April 2023
Copyright Notice:   The Heritage Group has been collecting information and pictures from a wide variety of source
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